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Prompt – Due Saturday 12/5/20 – APA format- 4 pages ( view attachment)

Portfolio Project Literature Review

Assuming your instructor has approved your research topic for your Week 2 milestone, this week, you are required to begin drafting your Portfolio Project literature review section based on the 10 peer-reviewed articles you selected in Week 2. You may add additional peer-reviewed articles if necessary. At this point, you have already fine-tuned your research question based on your instructor’s guidance and course work; as well as your introduction section. At this stage of the course, you understand the elements of literature review, and how to critically examine articles related to your research question and draft your introduction as well.

When writing your literature review, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Write a well synthesized literature review to support your research topic.
  • To do so, review Plano-Clark and Creswell Understanding Research, 2nd edition, Chapter 4: The Literature Review: Examining the Background for a Study.
  • Include a title page, section headers, introduction, conclusion, and reference page.

Your paper should be 4 pages in length and conform to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Include at least 10 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook.

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