Positionality Paper


Write a 3-4 page paper, typed and double-spaced.

We’ve defined positionality as the combination of all your identities that then position you/us in complex power dynamics with one another.This paper is designed to help you reflect on your own positionality and how that shapes your experiences in the world and your relations with other people.

It is in a couple parts. You can answer the questions in short answer form:

1. Define the combination of your identities. How do you define your:

Racial identity? Ethnic identity? Gender identity? Sexual identity? Whether you are living with a dis/ability? Your economic class? Your national identity? Immigrant status? Your cultural or religious identity? Any other operative aspects of your identity that are important to you…

2. Were any of those identities easy for you to name? Had you not really thought about any of them before? Why do you think that is?

3. Describe a situation when parts of your identity were made visible to you—either gave you benefits or marginalized you. Analyze why you think the situation either gave you benefits/privileges or marginalized you. Did it reflect institutionalized oppression, privilege, or micro/cumulative aggressions?

4. How have these identities and this experience shaped your perspective and/or your relations with other people?

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