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Narrated Power Point Presentation: You will create a power point presentation that includes voice narration. The topic does not matter as long as it is business related. Students often do them on things like sexual harassment, equal opportunity laws, enhancing team work, among many other topics. You will be graded on professionalism of the graphics and quality of the narration which includes tone, smoothness, and professional level grammar and diction. The presentation should be about 5 minute long and not over 10 minutes in any circumstance. You must include a minimum of 5 resources. These resources can be your textbook or scholarly articles. You must also include a reference list at the end of your PowerPoint. This list needs to be formatted to APA 6th edition standards. For more information please visit the link provided in the weekly overview. If you do not have a reference list it will be an automatic deduction of 50 points. You need to make sure that you include parenthetical citation throughout your power point where you have paraphrased any information. (I will add naritive after)

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