Powerpoint on COVID-19



The purpose of this assignment is to learn about the current COVID-19 pandemic by exploring current evidence and data. Students will discuss the effect of a pandemic on the general population and on identified vulnerable populations. Concepts of communicable diseases of isolation, quarantine, and pandemic will be incorporated in the presentation. Ethical implications presented by the pandemic will be discussed in clinical groups conferences.

Detailed instructions:

Visit following websites:

After reviewing the above websites, as a team prepare a health education program:

  1. Prepare a health education teaching plan including objectives
  2. Prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation which will be shared at the conclusion of this activity. The focus is on educating the general public about the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Present your health education program to your class & Instructor

The teaching plan (presented as a PowerPoint) should include the following:

Epidemiology of Corona Pandemic

  1. Introduction (with purpose statement); conclusion
  2. Global pandemic (provide statistics)
  3. National statistics (provide U.S. statistics)
  4. Virology of Corona virus (characteristics; disease producing properties)
  5. Pathophysiology of Corona virus infection
  6. Clinical manifestations and complications
  7. Morbidity/mortality rates
  8. Vaccine research
  9. Treatment options
  10. Prevention

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