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prepare outline for Tax accounting


please read my profrssor i nstruction and pay attention that it must be in your ow word, I’m gonna sent you the sample outline of chapter 2 and get the idea, i don’t wanna have 10 page per chapter,3 pages are enough for each chapter in single space. Also I’m gonna give you the slides so you can see what material my professor will cover and then you need to read the chapter in the book and prepare the outline so please check the slides first to see what stuff you need to read in the book. i need to have outline for chapter 2 and 3

You must prepare a typed outline in Word of up to 10 pages for each chapter covered on an exam (double spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font). Instead of double spacing your outline, you can single space with a maximum of five pages per chapter. Please put your name at the top of the first page and number each page at the bottom. The outline is a learning tool, not a make-work assignment. The purpose of the outline is for you to summarize the tax rules in an organized fashion to aid in your learning process and to use as a reference during exams. Due to time constraints of the exam, however, limited time will be available to refer to the outline. I have included a sample outline for corporate formation, posted on Canvas for the first week of class. You may organize your outline in the way that is most helpful to you, including, for example, using flow charts. You must submit your outline via Canvas as a Turnitin Assignment before the class time in which the exam is given. Be sure and allow sufficient time to upload your outline, considering potential technical difficulties. For outlines that cover two chapters, put both chapters in one document or you will only be to upload one outline. An originality check will be run through Turnitin. You must prepare your own outline in your own words. Statements from other materials, other students’ outlines, test bank questions, the textbook, problems covered in class, powerpoints from the class or other source, etc., may not be copied into your outline. Do NOT include screen shots of MyAccountingLab answers or sections of the book or any other resource.

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