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presentions about Cinderella/ own words


Each student will prepare a formal, 5 minute presentation based on a quote taken from readings assigned for the day students sign up for. Your quoteshould be significant somehow for plot development, character development, topic/themes, main points etc. The quote can be funny, entertaining, thought provoking, weird, interesting, disturbing etc. The quote cannot be the same quote you prepare for the Commentator role for your Lit Circle.You will have to pick a quote from the reading you signed up for. You will have to memorize the quote and perform it for the class (no use of notes). Then, you will have to explain its significance in relation to the tale’s plot, character development, theme (such as power, gender, socioeconomic class, abandonment, historical background, etc) (you may use your notes).You have to hand in a write-up(700-800 words)ofyour presentation that includes:1.the quote itself, with proper citation (MLA or APA) 3 paragraphs that explain

i.what the quote is about,

ii.why it is significant,

iii.why you chose it.

2.a discussion question tied to your quote that will be used in class to initiate discussion that day.

a. 2 paragraphs

i.Your answer to that discussion question

The fairy tale must be which I attached

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