Pricing and Distribution Strategy

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Using the Internet, newspapers, and magazines find two different advertisements depicting two different products you use or would like to use in the future.

Include the advertisement in your paper by providing a URL, scan the advertisement, or describe the location of the ad (for example, its name, date, section of the newspaper or magazine), and give a complete description of the advertisement.

Review each advertisement and submit a three- to five-page paper that:

    • Indentifies and describes the nature of the product presented in both advertisements.


    • Considers the placement of the advertisement and the type of medium used to deliver the message. Analyze the target market (intended consumer) of each advertisement and describe the factors that might have influenced the marketer’s decision to place the advertisement in that medium. Explain the appropriateness of the ads in relation to their target audience.


    • Compare both of the advertisements to determine the type of buying decision that would be made for each product. Are they routine buys or habitual buys?


  • Analyze how these advertisements should be modified to better serve the target market.

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Pricing and Distribution Strategy

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