Primary Source collection


This assignment asks you to compile an inventory, a list, of primary source collections and sources that you plan to use. Please keep in mind that a satisfactory chapter must include a minimum of 20 primary sources coming from a minimum of 3 distinct primary source collections. Excellent chapters will include many more.

Try your best to make sure you identify distinct and different types of collections that, taken together, will give you a range of different types of sources to work from.

  • Manuscript collections (online or in Special Collections)
  • Oral History collections (print collections, databases, etc.)
  • Historical newspapers
  • Historical magazines
  • Published sources (document collections, memoirs, books on your topic written at the time being studied)
  • Film and Video footage
  • Visual images (photographs, art, posters)
  • Music
  • Any other databases, websites, or online archives

Use the attached worksheet as a template or guide. Make sure to start with your name, research topic, research question, and keywords and search terms used. Then list and briefly describe each of the distinct primary source collections (at least 10, but can be more) you’ve identified. For each collection, please list the specific primary sources you’ve located (remember, you have to have a minimum of 20 total sources), and then discuss how you think these sources will help you answer your research question.

Reserch Question: How did gender shape their experiences working in the intelligence field during the 1940s-1960s?

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