Produce a professional report


I have an assignment which is below:

Produce a professional report (like you were turning it into your boss or a client).

Your report must contain the following: ( in the attachment all answers and pictures, I just want to organize it in a professional report )

the attachment contain everything I just want some help to make it professional

Module Four (A) – SEO

1. The keyword or phrase you are trying to rank for

2. Your main URL

3. Where are you currently ranking in Google for the keyword

4. A list of all the URLs for the direct links (tier 1) you created (at least 3)

5. A list of all the URLs for the social bookmarks (tier 2) you created (at least 3 to each tier 1 site on at least 3 different platforms – StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.).

Basically, I should be able to see all of the links you created to your site. Be sure the URLs are for your content – you might need to take a screenshot to include in your report (see the StumbleUpon example above), not the homepage of the site.

The easiest way to do this is to bookmark all of the sites as you create them (or submit to them).

Module Four (b) – Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

1. Details of each AdGroup – you must have at least 2 AdGroups

2. For each AdGroup include a list of the keywords used (you must have at least 5 keywords in each AdGroup)

3. For each AdGroup include a screen shot of each ad (you must have at least 2 ads in each AdGroup)

4. Include an Excel spreadsheet with all of your campaign data (hint – you can download this directly from your campaign management screen)

Module Four (c) – Video SEO

1. The URL for your YouTube video (use the keyword you are attempting to rank for as the title)

2. Where is your video currently ranking in Google for your keyword

3. What have you done to improve the ranking (i.e., used AddMeFast for views, purchased likes, etc.)

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