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Profile of a Successful Businessperson


Format: APA. Length: 3-4DS pages, plus a title page, abstract, and “references” page that includes at least four primary sources. (Do not cite Wikipedia , Biography.com, or other students’ papers.) At least eight citations are required within the body of the paper. Create at least one citation for each source on your References page. Cite each source from your References page at least once. Sources you consult, but do not quote, paraphrase, or otherwise use, will not appear on your References page. Review your originality report and remedy any issues before submitting your work. Your similarity score should be 0% or close to it. Papers that demonstrate a disregard for these guidelines will be returned ungraded. Permission to revise (or write a new paper) will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Blatant cases of plagiarism may be escalated at the instructor’s discretion. As needed, seek assistance from the FIU Center for Excellence in Writing (Links to an external site.). Although these are somewhat formal research papers, the use of the first-person POV is permitted (but not required).

  • Executive Profile: Select a contemporary entrepreneur, CEO, or other accomplished business leader (from any industry, including the public sector). The person need not be famous or wealthy. Select someone who inspires you, someone you don’t know personally, and someone active in business today. Avoid Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban, and other predictable choices–unless you are certain that you can approach them from a fresh, creative perspective. The person you select can be best known for their achievements for something other than business (e.g. sports, entertainment, or music) — so long as they have achieved business or entrepreneurial success.
  • Abstract: (See the Purdue Owl sample APA paper.) Length: 50-100 words. Avoid 1st person POV for the abstract.
  • PART 1: Provide a brief overview of the person’s path toward wealth, power, influence, and/or innovation—whatever you consider to be “success.” Did the person’s education and family background contribute to his or her pursuit of private-sector and/or public-sector interests? Did the person face leadership, financial, health, personal, and/or legal challenges? Note surprising shifts in career trajectory and mention surprising details that set them apart. Don’t randomly pick a wealthy or famous person: find someone who inspires you and whom you might continue to learn from. Someone who could serve as your “virtual” mentor. Perhaps you’ll find a person whose background, in some way way, reminds you of yourself.
  • PART 2: Provide insights into the person’s habits, leadership approach, and career advice. What lessons can you gather from this person that are applicable to your successful path in business and in life? Include quotes from the person that capture their message.
  • Please ask me about the person that you think will easy or good for you to complete the assignment so age on the person

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