Project About Your Identity


Project About Your Identity

Project About Your Identity


This assignment is not due until Week Six (Sunday, April 11), and it is worth 150 points

Click on the link below to submit your work as a .ppt or .pptx file. Do not send the file by any other via; use only this link.

What the assignment consists of: 

You must identify the everyday details that illustrate your unique family and cultural communities. You will share personal and cultural details which include:

1. family pictures,

2. your birthplace, Cuba

3. description of your home (physical characteristics),

4. birthplace of your parents, cuba

5. names of family members, mother- aileen Lazo father- Dagoberto Perez-brother Santiago Perez- sister Daimy Perez. grandparents- Santiago, deisy and Maritza

6. languages you are surrounded with (what you hear and speak on a daily basis), Spanish

7. common sayings by parents and grandparents (words of wisdom shared with you),

8. everyday items (things you use every day),

9. everyday foods, rise and beans

10. foods for special occasions, spaghetti

11. type of music enjoyed, cuban music

12. family stories. came from cuba when I was 12 years old with my mother and brother and my dad had to stay and he came 6b months later, HARD TIME, first time I was without my father for so long.

Using photos in digital form, you will create a slideshow or PowerPoint (more than 15 slides) in order to share your cultural heritage.

You do not have to write an essay about the topic, just create the slideshow with text and images.

Remember to include real pictures of you and your family.

If while in the process of preparing the project you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

DO NOT wait until the due date to send the project.

Remember you will have three (3) weeks to submit it; therefore, there is no reason for anyone to turn it in late. 

I will NOT accept any late submissions.

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