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Project Assignment EAA Proposal And Discussions.


Project Assignment EAA Proposal And Discussions.

Project Assignment EAA Proposal And Discussions.


Most of us have not experienced every aspect of human sexuality in our lives. For this project, you will select an experience to have within sexuality that is new to you (but not a personal sexual expression such as using masturbatory aids, swinging yourself, etc.). This activity should push you out of your comfort zone a bit, but don’t go so far that you cannot open your mind to the experience. After completing the experience, you will use it as your research topic. There are several steps to the project, outlined below:

  1. Participate in an EAA collaborative discussion with your peers. The purpose of this post is to share ideas about what activity you might select and why.
  2. Submit your EAA Proposal in the appropriate Assignment Folder.
  3. Participate in an EAA collaborative discussion with your peers about having completed the activity. The purpose of this post will be to share a variety of thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the activity.
  4. Submit an EAA Outline to the appropriate Assignment Folder.
  5. Post your drafted EAA Final Paper to a collaborative discussion with your peers, and review other drafted papers.
  6. Submit your EAA Final Paper to the appropriate Assignment Folder.
  7. Participate in a reflection discussion with your peers.


In this module, you will review the EAA Project Packet. Please note that there is no submission due for the project in this module.

Step 1: EAA Peer Discussion – Activity Selection

For this discussion, you will explore different options for your activity. Post three options you are considering and why you selected them as possibilities. What are your concerns, if any? What are you excited about? Why do you think it is important to expand your experiences related to human sexuality and what do you expect to learn from it? How might this project impact your life and/or career goals? Your discussion post should be a minimum of 250 words. Your instructor will approve or not approve your selected options in their response to your post so you know which option you can move forward with.
Comment on three of your peers’ posts throughout the discussion period (not all on one day), with substantive feedback on their activity ideas, considerations they may want to make when deciding, and additional information you are able to locate about one of their options. Your Peer Responses should be 100-150 words minimum.
If you are feeling stuck on which experience and topic to choose, just remember – no personal expressions, it must be something you have never done, and it cannot be illegal or dangerous. Otherwise, be creative! Here is a list of ideas, but it is not exhaustive.

  • Go to an adult boutique (such as Fascinations, Secrets, Awakenings (in Denver), etc.).
  • Read a book related to sexuality that you are unfamiliar with.
  • Enter an internet chat room related to a realm of sexuality that is new for you (kink, celibacy, etc.).
  • Attend a live childbirth if you know someone who is going to give birth, and they will allow you to be in the room.
  • Obtain a screening for STIs.
  • Volunteer with a local outreach program for safer sex practices or sex education.
  • Interview someone of a different sexual/relational orientation or identity/expression than you.
  • Attend a LGBTQ event/club/rally/center, etc. (if open to the public).
  • Attend a strip club, burlesque show, swingers club, or something similar.
  • Attend an informational session on something in the “kink” community (BDSM, Furries, Polyamory, etc.).

Timeline for submission of the project parts are as follows:

  1. Step 1: EAA Peer Discussion – Activity Selection in Module 2
  2. Step 2: EAA Proposal in Module 2
  3. Step 3: EAA Peer Discussion: Activity Completion in Module 3
  4. Step 4: EAA Outline in Module 3
  5. Step 5: EAA Peer Discussion: Draft Paper and Peer Review in Module 4
  6. Step 6: EAA Final Paper in Module 5
  7. Step 7: EAA Peer Discussion: Reflection in Module 5
  • attachmentAllofthediscussionsassignments.docx

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