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For almost a decade, Inc. magazine has been watching college start-ups and posting a list of the nation’s top start-ups taking campuses by storm. Helped in part by low-cost technologies and an increased prevalence of entrepreneurship training at the university level, college students are making solid strides at founding companies.

Consider that you have joined this team in developing their business. You will be focused on utilizing the information that you have learned through this course to help them achieve their goals.

Use SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces model to analyze this company in relationship to its target industry.

  • Create a presentation that includes:
    • the SWOT Analysis
    • the analysis based on the Porter’s Five Forces Model, along with explanations
    • the identification of a business strategy based on Porter’s Three Generic Strategies.

Be sure to provide a title slide with the name of the business and a slide with references used.

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