Project mngmt


1. describe in your own words what is meant by Goldratt’s critical chain. What are the benefits and impacts to project management? I want this withing 2 days.

2. As more organizations are moving towards Agile Development Methodologies, project management concepts are shifted a bit to meet the needs of this methodology. Write an essay and respond to the following questions:

  • What is Agile Development Methodology and how does the Agile Development Methodology impact the development of the Project Schedule?
  • What are the advantages to using Agile?
  • What are the disadvantages?
  • What industries to you typically see using this type of methodology?

The essay should be in 3-5 pages (not including Title page and Reference page) written in APA Style formatting and using at least 5 resources.

3. The next step is to allocate resources to the project. Consider schedules and make any adjustments to the schedule, assuming resources may be on vacation, etc. See attached file

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