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Project Presentation – Weekly Expectations:

As a reminder, here are the key steps in the timeline and preparation of your project: (You should be in Week 7 now.)

Week 1: Problem Identification and Justification – What is your project, why is it relevant to this class, and why is it important to you?

Week 2: Potential References and Sources – What references and information sources will you be drawing from to help you with your project and why are these relevant?

Week 3: Annotated Bibliography – Expand Weeks 2’s presentation with a short summary of the key points from each reference and source and expand the list if you see the need.

Week 4: Key Points – Identify the key points you plan to make and support in your paper and link them back to the annotated bibliography.

Week 5: Initial Outline – Produce a top-level outline following the standard protocols for a paper to show both what is to be covered, as well as the flow.(You must include a screencast presentation by this week.)

Week 6: Expanded Outline – Produce a refined and expanded outline that take each outline point and expands it to at least two new levels of detail.

Week 7: Draft Paper – Refine the expanded outline into a draft paper.

Week 8: Final Paper and Oral Presentation

This week, you are expected to further expand your outline into a draft for your paper. Please use the required format and style. All of the outlined elements must be converted into complete thoughts. There must be enough flow in your draft so your instructor can tell whether or not your paper is self-consistent and technically solid.

There is no presentation for this week. Your draft paper is the only required submission.

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