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Each student will be required to create an original work of art and present the art to the class (via narrated PowerPoint, narrated Prezi, or video). No collage will be accepted. Performance without composition or considerable manipulation will not be accepted. All projects must be approved by the instructor via Canvas. Grades will be weighted toward the attention and intention of the work, but composition, manipulation, sophistication, and presentation will be considered. Students may employ m/any form/s or medium/a covered in the course. Consideration must be given to your audience! If the class is not made to think or feel, grades will reflect this lack of connection/participation. If we laugh or cry or ponder or wonder, grades will reflect this success. No late projects will be accepted. This project is 18% of the total grade. Make sure your project has easily discernable phases so that one could tell that it took time and several steps to complete. Projects that seem as though they could have been done in one day or overnight will not receive a high grade. You should review the scoring rubric in the syllabus for this assignment.

Step 1 – Choose an Artist

First, you need to choose an artist (painter, sculptor, photographer, etc.) whose work is interesting and inspiring to you. Do not copy his/her work but use it as a starting point for your project. For example, if you choose Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus, you may use the same mythological theme in a different medium such as sculpture, mosaic, or song.

Step 2 – Research

  1. Research the time period of your artist.
  2. Research the artist’s biography.
  3. Research the artist’s techniques, ideas, and inspirations.

The more information you know about the artist, the better you will understand the work that inspired you to create your project. Select 1 work by this artist that you particularly admire. You will be required to submit an image of this artwork at the end of the semester along with the project itself.

Step 3 – Proposal

  1. Decide on a medium (pain, clay, etc.).
  2. Type your project proposal (about 400 words) including the following information:
  • Artist.
  • Artwork you have chosen.
  • The medium.
  • How you will show “the spirit” of the artist and the chosen artwork.
  • What social angle is associated with the chosen inspiration piece
  1. Submit the proposal PRIOR to starting Module 3. You must receive my approval before submitting your project.

Step 4 – Project

  1. Start creating your work of art. Make sure you start early. This is a semester long project and you should plan accordingly.
  2. Take photos or video of various stages of your work at the project in order to submit to me with your statement of progress. Make sure you are in the photos!!
  3. You may change what you are creating along the way, but you need to consult with me before doing it. If you do not communicate the changes to me and present the project that was not discussed in the proposal, I will not accept it.
  4. Give a name to your artwork.

Step 5 – Presentation

Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes long. It should be a narrated PowerPoint, a narrated Prezi, or a video that clearly documents your progress and your end result. The presentation should be fully narrated and on auto play. The visual representation of your progress should be sufficient enough to thoroughly explain the steps/process involved with your project. After uploading your presentation, you should submit a peer review as a discussion reply to any other student’s presentation/project. Make sure your presentation has the following elements:

  • fully narrated
  • auto play
  • starts with an overview/introduction of your introduction piece and why you selected it (tell us a story)
  • show and discuss the collecting of materials and steps in creating your own piece (tell us a story)
  • indicate if your own piece shares the same social angle with the inspiration piece
  • show us your inspiration piece and own piece side-by-side
  • discuss any challenges you faced and what changes you would make, if any, if you did it again
  • talk about your appreciation of the art process and any direct impact the project had on you
  • include a references slide
  • include a conclusion or wrap-up slide
  • information about the artist/artwork/movement (history, photos, context, social angles
  • techniques (medium and principles of design)…use the terms you learned to describe and analyze both your inspiration and your own creation
  • your experience while creating the project (successes, problems, failures, and lessons learned)
  • photo evidence to document your steps

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