PSYC 4499 Senior Seminar


The instructions are listed in the file.

The Topic I have been given is “Socialization after 2020”. Some questions that may be useful are:

How will socialization be after 2020? Did Quarantines affect people’s social interactions? Did it bring people closer or father away from each other? Will anxiety increase? Will communication happen more over technology rather than face to face? Are we becoming dependent on technology? Will it be more difficult to have a connection with other people? Solitary confinement? Is there a division Рtimid vs outgoing?

The Two areas of Psychology that I chose to relate are Social Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology. If using another area of psychology is more useful for you, feel free to use it and let me know. I have displayed all areas of psychology that you could relate to the topic in the file below. The file also has articles that we read over, feel free to use any as a reference. My professor understands that this topic will be new, and recent articles may be hard to locate, but he gave me two experiments that could be used or informational for the paper. They are the Victor Frankenstein experiment and the Genie (Feral Child) experiment.

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