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Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation for Adolescent



(13 y/o single, Caucasian male in 8th grade in high school. The patient wants to kill himself because his father does not allow him to visit his mother who lives separate from them after both parents separated. 8 to 9 references.

Include in your assessment a work-up and/or questions for adolescent-specific disorders. What

diagnostic tests/screening tools would you use for the adolescent?

Include in your treatment plan specific types of therapy that are used when working with


Address in your narrative how family structure and dynamics affect the diagnosis and treatment

of this adolescent. What are the family dynamics for this patient and how does it affect the

mental status of this adolescent.

What developmental stage should the patient be in based on chronological age and is the patient

in that stage?

Address parenting styles that you observed with your patient and the family and whether these

were working or not working.

What is the ethical considerations when working with teens – how much do you share with the

parents, do you have the parents in the room with you the whole time you are talking to the

patient, who do you talk to first when they come in with a problem? What happens when they

leave the nest?

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