Psychology Human Sexuality

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Psychology Human Sexuality

Psychology Human Sexuality


Please original work, no plaigerism. Please include PDF of article used as well. Thank you!

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Psychology 180 Research Writing Assignment Requirements and Guidelines

1. You will find one scientific article related to a topic of human sexuality of interest to you:

2. The scientific journal article will include an experiment performed by the authors of the article (no case studies, meta-analyses, or ‘preprints’ are allowed) which used human subjects

3. You will submit this article as part of your assignment (convert it to PDF and upload with your written portion of the assignment–please do NOT send me a link to your article)

4. The total paper submission you write will be about 3 pages in length. You will write a one and a half to two page summary for your primary source. You will be answering the question of why would someone want to read this article as the focus of your summary. For the remaining page to page and a half, you will use half of that portion to thoughtfully related your research to course content and the last remaining portion you will provide a thoughtful commentary.

5. Formatting your summary: APA style reference at the top of the page, single spaced, 1st line indented. The summary will take up the rest of the page, 1.5 space, paragraph style, size 12 non-fancy font. You do not need to create an APA cover page for this assignment.

Helpful information

· The following is a general example of an APA style reference:

Author’s last name, Author’s 1st initial of 1st name. (Publication date).

Title of journal article. Title of Journal, volume number (issue number), page



· Do not broadly use the internet. Rather, use the  databases  in our library system which you have paid for, or possibly databases in the public library. There are articles published on the internet which do not undergo the review process that articles in print (or available in Ebsco or Proquest)  have. There is also the possibility that you will have to pay out of your own pocket for broadly found articles online (especially from scientific journals), so just don’t do it. Or if you do and find a great article, see if you can find it in our databases.

· Do not use articles which are more than 10 years old.

· Do not use the option sometimes available onsite for it to ‘create’ the APA style reference for you. Oddly, often it is WRONG. Use the formula I gave you or use our online writing center, or the APA site to insure that you earn credit.

· Do not write a series of quotes…I know how you sound when you talk. Paraphrase what you understand. Don’t write about what you don’t understand.

· Focus on the rationale for the hypothesis and the discussion sections (forget about the results-unless you have a doctorate in statistics)—the discussion is the interpretation of the results) of the scientific article for your summary information. Read the methods, but DO NOT include that info, remember you have a short amount of space for your summary.

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Psychology Human Sexuality

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