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Psychology movie analysis from a movie character



DescriptionFor this assignment you will be writing a report as if you were a clinical psychologist for a character in a movie.  Your report is for another clinical psychologist (me).  You will answer the questions in each section below with what you learned about your chosen movie character in mind.  It is your chance to “analyze” a movie character in very specific ways.DirectionsThere is NO need to define terminology, explain theories or otherwise. Be thorough and most importantly, provide evidence! Please make sure to put all terms/theories throughout in bold.  it is to be 6-8 pages in length.Description of Character – 5ptsWhat is your character’s name, age, gender, socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, religion, city of residence, current family makeup?How might the character be described by others?What role(s) does your character play in the movie?Analysis of Lifespan Development – 10ptsImagine what it was like to grow up as this character.What information about their prenatal influences would be helpful to better understand your character?According to Thomas and Chess, what was his/her temperament like? (also found in Personality chapter)Explain the type of attachment you think your character formed with their parents. If insecure, what type?What type of parenting style was used in the home?What information about their early childhood would be helpful to better understand your character?What evidence can you provide as a possible cause of parental conflict during your character’s psychosocial development in adolescence?Analysis of Defense Mechanisms – 10ptsDiscuss at least four (4) of Freud’s defense mechanisms besides sublimation you feel this character employs.How did their use of these defense mechanisms help or hinder the problems they attempted to deal with?How do you think this character could have used sublimation?Analysis of Personality: Humanistic Theory – 10ptsHow would you describe their ideal self vs. their real self?Was your character shown conditional or unconditional positive regard by their parents or caregivers?Does your character provide conditional or unconditional positive regard toward others? Please provide an example.Analysis of Personality: Social Cognitive – 10ptsIn what areas does your character have weak self-efficacy?Was your character able to strengthen any areas of weak self-efficacy? How? If not, what methods would you suggest?In what areas does your character have strong self-efficacy?What type of locus of control does your character have?Analysis of Stress and Coping – 10ptsWhat are some daily hassles that create stress for your character?What are some life changes or life events that have created stress in your character’s life?Was your character exposed to any traumatic events in their life?What types, if any, of social support does your character utilize?What forms of coping does your character use? Provide examples.Does your character appear to use self-medication to deal with their psychological stress? Provide examples.Diagnosis of Psychological Disorder – 10ptsWhat two psychological disorder(s) might your character fit based on what you know of him/her?Support your choice of two (2) different disorders by discussing how your character meets or does not meet the various symptoms of the disorder.If your character was given a diagnosis in the film, do you feel it was suitable?  Explain why or why not providing evidence of applicable symptoms, or an alternative diagnosis you feel may be more fitting.Analysis of Therapy – 10ptsWould your character be a good candidate for therapy?Why or why not?What type of psychotherapy do you think would be appropriate for your character? Why? (refer to textbook for types)If your character received therapy, what type of therapy did they receive? Was it useful?Were there any potential barriers to effective treatment?How would you describe your character’s motivation and commitment to therapy?Conclusion – 5ptsWrite one paragraph identifying why you chose the movie and particular character from the movie to analyze from a psychological perspective.What thoughts and emotions were present for you while watching the movie and your character?How are you like this character?How are you different?

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