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Public Health and Health Care Response in Nobles County


Research object: Nobles County, MN

The COVID-19 outbreak put many health systems of care under duress. The report needs to analyze:

– the rise of hospitalizations

– note any issues with shortages of equipment (including PPE, equipment such as ventilators, and facilities such as ICU beds).

– Scour local news reports about institutional responses and when the epidemic peaked and receded, as many times as that occurred.

This investigation will be both quantitative and qualitative as you assess the burden of the disease on the system and the people involved.

Come up with a report with charts and analysis. I already found some sources https://docs.google.com/document/d/1__ltDeZXVfunUQ…, but you may need more to piece together a formal report (10 pages including the charts and graphs).

Attached is a sample report for reference.

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