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Hi I’m working on project related to construction industry for my class. I was required to create a Quality Control Plan for the project. I will provide an example of the plan. Requirement:-

The Contractor is required to have a half-time Quality Engineer throughout the project durations.
Submit a Quality Control Plan that details the methods and procedures that will be taken to
assure that all materials and completed construction required by this contract conform to
contract plans, technical specifications and other requirements.
Within the Quality Control Plan, teams must submit a detailed narrative containing, at a
minimum, the items below, with specific headings for each section. The narrative portion is
limited to a maximum of three (3) pages. Project specific graphics and charts are highly
encouraged and will not count against the three (3) page limit.

 Quality Record and Performance: A general discussion of the company’s overall
construction quality record and performance.

 Quality Control Procedures and Policies: A detailed discussion regarding the
company’s quality control procedures and policies, including but not limited to:

1. Quality Control Policy

2. Testing Standards and Methods

3.Commissioning and Start-up Policy (should include discussion of various
steps associated with commissioning and should commence at the initial
stages of the project)

4. Quality Award Program

5. Warranty Management

6. Examples of five (5) of the Contractor’s QC Inspection & Test Forms

 Quality Control Process: A detailed discussion regarding the Contractor’s Quality
Control Process (describe how you maintain quality step-by-step from the
Procurement Phase through Final Inspection).

Corrective Action Requirements: The Quality Control Plan shall indicate the
appropriate action to be taken when a process is deemed, or believed, to be out of
control (out of tolerance) per inspections or tests and detail what action will be taken
to bring the process into control.

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