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I am in a technology education class. We are learning on how technology affects learning/cognition/memory/etc. This assignment is to answer the questions I have provided on the word document. Each question should be answered thoroughly and sources must be cited in the text and on a reference page (APA style). I am not assigning a min or max to the legnth because I will be forming a paper and presentation based on your answers and mine.. so I am paying you to answer the questions throroughly- not based on how many pages. A lot of these are very basic and simple questions to answer, but some will require a lot of research (make sure it is as current as possible and from a credible source). I am requiring 6 sources (most of them being research based- apa style). Any questions before we start, please let me know. I have not had the best of luck with this site but am giving it another try.

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Questions on LeapFrog Tablet

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