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Rasmussen College Career Development and Growth Within Organizations Discussion


Individuals want to work for organizations that will invest in their development and growth. For this reason, people typically seek jobs with organizations where they think they have an opportunity to learn, train, and advance.

Initial Post: Discuss a time when you worked for an organization that invested in you or didn’t invest in you (if you have never had a job, discuss how you think you would feel or react) and offered or didn’t offer development and training opportunities and a clear path for advancement. In one to two paragraphs, answer the following questions:

  1. How did that make you feel?
  2. Did you stay with the organization long?
  3. Are you still with them?
  4. If you left, why?

Reply Posts: Choose one of the following for your reply to a classmate.

  • Respond to a classmate that had a similar experience with you and explain how you perceived the situation.
  • Respond to a classmate that had an opposite experience from you and provide recommendations for how they could have proceeded differently.

I am currently working for a very well-known company, and have been for almost 1 year. This company has been in business since 1889. They are an almost 100 million dollar corporation. When I got the job I was excited and happy to be working for such an amazing company however, once I have worked there and seen many things nothing seems amazing about this company compared to others I have worked at. On my first day, I had 3 hours of training videos. There was no interaction with the training videos to test my skills or if I was learning anything from the training. Hands-on training consists of putting me with another employee (six feet apart and learning my tasks). looking at invoices and item descriptions 6 feet apart is not that easy. I “shadowed” the other employee for about 45 min. then put in my own station. I didn’t know if I was messing up or even doing it right because there was nobody close by I had to hope and pray everything was correct in the order, pack It, and ship it. There is no communication with the manager in my department. He also has a very low sense of humor. If you have to miss work he avoids talking to you for a few days after you return. There are no training videos to touch up on training throughout the year. There is no interaction from human resources and if it is it is through e/mail and it takes up to a week to respond and they are in the next building. They have made it well known that advancement or career growth is next to impossible for employees.

I am looking for another job at this present time, which is a bummer because I have an excellent job history and almost all my jobs are long-term with 5 years or more with each. I would think with this company being as well off as they are they would have better training, wages, and interaction with their employees who make their net worth possible every year. If I do find another position I would hope for it to be in my career field that I am going to school for which is human resource.

Interaction and recognition is a huge thing to have in an organization and a little bit goes a long way, only if organizations would give it. 

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