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Rasmussen College Early Childhood Advocate Reflection Paper


Module 06 Content

  1. Reflect on your experiences throughout your program. What are the next steps you will take for your professional development and your role as an early childhood advocate?
    For this assignment, do the following in a minimum of 2 pages:

    1. Identify three short-term professional goals you would like to achieve in the next several months.
    2. As a long-term goal, identify the early childhood education role you would like to work toward in the next two years.
    3. For each of the four goals you identified, write a separate paragraph that includes the following:
    4. Describe the goal.
    5. List the steps toward achieving the goal, including a target date for doing so.
    6. Identify at least one local, national, or distance/web-based training resource for professional development that supports your specialty and will help you attain the goal. Include a brief summary and link or contact information for each.

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