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read these cases and answer these questions


Hi all

i need someone to help me to answer these questions.

Q1- Article: Ethical Content of Accounting Information

Do you agree or disagree with premise of this article? Why?

What other arguments would you make to support or challenge the idea that

accounting disclosures can be decoded to reveal information about the ethics of a firm.

Q2-Article: Ethical Content of Accounting Information

What other measures or disclosures that currently exist or that you would like to see would you consider relevant when trying assess a firm’s ethicality based upon financial statements and related disclosures?

Q3- Brooks Case: Marketing Aggressive Tax Shelters

Is it right that accountants market aggressive or very aggressive tax shelter plans?

Are tax shelter plans in the public interest and is the public interest responsibility that accountants have an appropriate consideration here?

Notice ; after post your answer,I will give you three student’s opinion and you will replay to them.

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