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Reading response papers are assigned with two objectives in mind: For students



Reading response papers are assigned with two objectives in mind:For students to demonstrate that they can synthesize the weekly assigned readingsFor students to provide a more detailed reflection on ONE of the assigned readings.These assignments are 600-900 words.The first half of the assignment (the synthesis of readings) needs to illustrate the student’s understanding of how the the readings correspond to each other. Things to consider: What ideas do the readings have in common? In what ways, do they differ (for example: different definitions of concepts, differing conclusions regarding the social experience, etc.). ? How does this set of readings enhance your understanding of the social issues at the heart of this course? This part of the assignment should be between 350-500 words and should NOT read like you are just summarizing the articles.The second half of the assignment (detailed reflection) should be focused on ONE of the assigned readings. In your reflection, highlight your reasons for selecting this reading selection, how you are connecting it to your personal experience and/or previous coursework, and what SOCIOLOGICAL ideas/observations you have about the reading content that you would like to share. This part of the assignment should be between 250-400 wordsFor both parts of the assignment you need to use/reference the readings using in-text citations (the article/readings authors last names and page number).1. Following the assignment outline: it is a synthesis of ALL assigned readings for the module followed by a reflection on ONE reading. Synthesis does not mean summary-you show me you read by how you discuss the readings in connection to one another not by offering stand-alone separate summations of each. If you are discussing the readings one-by-one in order and not in tandem with one another, you are not approaching this part correctly.Use and cite your sources: Your essay needs to be grounded in the source material (assigned readings); whether you are paraphrasing or directly quoting (and direct quote very rarely-it is normally not necessary), I need to see substantial use of the readings as you link them to your own thoughts, opinions, questions, and experiences. And make sure you utilize in-text citations (the last name of the reading authors NOT the textbook editor AND page number) to indicate usage-there is no need to write the authors/titles over and over again within the sentences themselves. Do NOT refer to the readings by their anthology number-that is a non-meaningful way to cite the reading in your assignment.Think sociologically: To receive the highest evaluation for your content, you need to discuss your ideas/thoughts like a sociologist not a layperson who has no idea what sociology is. Think of what our discipline emphasizes, the use of the sociological perspective where individuals are understood through the larger social context and where social forces and individual agency are both emphasized to understand people’s decisions and choices. If I don’t see evidence of this type of thinking, even if you write well and utilize sources in response adequately, you will be consistently evaluated as having C-level work. This is especially true of the reflection-you are discussing one reading on a more personal level but it still needs to indicate some understanding of the sociological content of the reading and the larger sociological relevance (to you/to larger society).

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