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  • Reflecting on curricular and co-curricular projects occurs across our university and

Reflecting on curricular and co-curricular projects occurs across our university and


ecting on curricular and co-curricular projects occurs across our

university and this assignment gives you the opportunity to showcase the

knowledge you have gained from your work “Chronicling Success” and

“Constructing Success” by writing a reflective letter to your instructor.

First, you will practice reflection as a productive and helpful activity. To do

so, you might choose to use the “Reflecting with Twelve” or “Reflecting with

Bloom” strategies that are detailed in your textbook. These strategies will

guide you through reflective activity and help you produce content that you

can then use to write your letter.

Second, you will write

a full-block professional letter

that communicates

the results of your reflection to your instructor. See the section called

“Writing a Letter: A How-To” in your textbook for information on how to

format this reflective letter.

The results of your reflection should describe your own knowledge-making or

your own learning. This letter should also use transitional devices effectively,

in order to present your learning to your instructor in a cohesive way.

Formatting Requirements

Your letter should be single-spaced and it should be somewhere between 1-2

full pages in length. It should be set in 12-point Times New Roman font on

1-inch margins and follow the conventional format of a full-block

professional letter.

You will submit this assignment through the dropbox on Elearning.


This assignment supports the course goals by allowing you to:

Consider the role of reflection in written communication and in

knowledge acquisition

Use a common kind of written discourse to communicate about

reflective activity


This reflection will be graded on how well the:

Letter describes your knowledge-making and learning

Writing uses transitional devices (topical and structural) to create


Writing builds upon the sentence-level skills (sentence shape and topic

sentences) cultivated earlier in the course

Use of full block formal letter formatting. See your textbook and this

online resource:




The audience for this reflective letter is your instructor, who would like to

understand more about your learning and knowledge-making across the last

two projects.

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