​Reflection Essay


Reflection Essay

The School of Business Administration has stated that its graduates will be: good communicators, both orally and in writing; critical thinkers; exhibit ethical behavior; and have a global perspective.

The School has also identified three courses within its curriculum that highlight these characteristics: ID 150: The American Corporation, BUS398/ACCT 398: The Internship Experience, and MGT 497: Strategic Management.

Content Requirements:

In a three page paper, please address the following issues:

  • Has your view of business and its importance to society changed over the course of your college career? Why or why not?
    • Yes
  • What particular assignment, project, paper, course activity, etc. from the above courses impacted your answer to the first question?
    • ID 150 and MGT 497: I learn how to write report about the company, MGT 497 is very help me to understand about Business Strategic Management.
    • Many business classes like ID 150 and most of marketing classes : have business Guest speaker: it is help me a lot to understand how the real would will be, He or She share his or her experience with us.
  • Over the next 20 years, how do you think businesses will change, and how will you adapt to those changes?

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