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This week you will be working within the CCA practice materials tab (located in the left-hand navigation pane). You will be taking the exams on domains 5 and 6 and sharing your experiences. You will also use the information you gained to outline the information needed in domains 5 and 6 to be successful on the CCA examination. Remember, there is valuable study material within each domain folder. Make sure you review the material.

Week 6 Discussion


This week we will continue to work with the CCA Practice materials. We will be focusing on Domain 5: Information Technology and Domain 6: Confidentiality and Privacy. Use the review materials in this week’s CCA Practice Materials to prepare for the practice exam.

Domain 5 – Information Technologies Content:

1. Navigate throughout the EHR

2. Utilize encoding and grouping software

3. Utilize practice management and HIM systems

4. Utilize CAC software that automatically assigns codes based on electronic text

5. Validate the codes assigned by CAC software

Domain 6 – Confidentiality & Privacy Content:

1. Ensure patient confidentiality

2. Educate healthcare staff on privacy and confidentiality issues

3. Recognize and report privacy issues/violations

4. Maintain a secure work environment

5. Utilize pass codes

6. Access only minimal necessary documents/information

7. Release patient-specific data to authorized individuals

8. Protect electronic documents through encryption

9. Transfer electronic documents through secure sites

10. Retain confidential records appropriately

11. Destroy confidential records appropriately

You will use the practice exams in Module 3 in Cengage for Domain 5. There isn’t a module that provides review for Domain 6 so this week we will work on Module 2 in Cengage which covers Medical Science and will provide feedback on your knowledge. In order to review for Domain 6, review the Study Materials for Domain 6 under the CCA Practice Materials.

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