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Your submission can be either: (1) 500 – 1000 words typed (a page or two), or (2) a tech-based
assignment using ….
• Powtoon to create short animated videos
• Mindomo , Padlet , or Lucidchart to create mind maps
• Glogster , Piktochart , or Canva to create media posters/collages
• FaceTime, YouTube, or Voice Memos, etc., to create short recorded video or audio clips

Reflection Question for this Week: It’s Pride month! Pick a Canadian city that holds Pride celebrations and assess how accessible and welcoming the event is to those with disabilities. What are the event organizers doing well and what can they improve on (and why improvements matter here)? [This involves a bit of research: look at Pride organization websites and social media that mention events, festivities, and such. You can look at news reports online and photos posted of these events.] **Alternatively, you can choose to also talk about the current BLM movement protest/activism activities and assess them.

  • You may speak using the first person.
  • While this is not a super formal piece of academic writing, please follow the usual guidelines of good grammar, spelling, punctuation. Try to structure your reflection so it doesn’t feel like a rant. Execution is key here! Oh and yes, you may swear if you feel the need to.
  • To cite readings simply name the author and the page number from the text. Direct quoting is not necessary, summary is always nice, but if you do make sure you clearly show where it comes from.
  • You may include in your reflection personal experience, or examples from the media, or film, or music, etc. – a real concrete example to illustrate your reflection. Make sure to include websites or information to cite this example.
  • If you go over the word limit the is fine. If you are under it, that’s not fine.

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