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Regression Approach To Data Analytics -ACT3


Option #2: Regression Approach to Data Analytics

Complete Lab 3-2: Regression in Excel (pages 120-121 in your text). When you have completed the lab, answer the following questions:

Q1 . Would you expect SAT average and completion rate to be correlated? If so, would you expect the correlation to be positive or negative?

Q2.  When determining relationships between variables, one of the criteria for a potential causal relationship is that the cause must happen before the effect. Regarding SAT average and completion rate, which would you determine to be the potential cause? Which would be the effect?

Q3 . Identifying the cause and effect as you did in Q2 can help you determine the explanatory and response variables. Which variable, SAT average or completion rate, is the explanatory variable?

Q4.  By looking through the data in the text file, what do you think the delimiter is?

Q5.  In the check sums, you validated that the average SAT score for all of the records is 1,059.07. When we work with the data more rigorously, several tests will require us to transform NULL values. If you were to transform the NULL SAT values into 0, what would happen to the average (would it stay the same, decrease, or increase)? How would that change the way you would interpret the data? Do you think it’s a good idea to replace NULL values with 0s in this case?

Required: Submit a Word document with all the questions answered and the Excel file or your work with the tabs properly labeled.

Your well-written paper must be 3-4 pages in addition to title and reference pages, page paper must include five references, and at least two being scholarly/peer-reviewed discovered through the CSU Global Library. The paper should be formatted according to the CSU Global Writing Center . Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources in addition to the required reading for the module.

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