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SUSTAINABLE LIVING RESEARCH PAPER : As anindividual develop a written Case Study for a business of your choosing. Do not choose a business that is a Case  in Stanwick & Stanwick. Understanding Business Ethics, 2nd edn.

Address the following seven topics in your paper:

1.Analyze ways in which a business organization demonstrates social responsibility toward internal and external stakeholders

2.Examine the relationship between  business ethics, corporate governance, and governmental regulations affecting this company.

3. Evaluate an organization’s code of ethics

4.Investigate the relationships among ethics, law, sustasinability and social responsibility  and evaluate organizational performance accordingly.

5. Articulate practical solutions to social, environmental, and economic issues (triple bottom line) (Sustainable Living) 

6. Explain the way in which sustainable thinking and decision-making contribute to the process of creating solutions for current and emerging social, environmental and economic instability. (Sustainable Living)

7. Employ knowledge of sustainability and technology to articulate practical solutions to real-world sustainability challenges. (Sustainable Living) 

5-7 pages typed double spaced including bibliography.

These are 5 to 7 typed pages in length to be submitted through the Assignment tool. You should write your paper in MS Word and submit as an attachment in the Assignment tool. Due dates for papers can be found on the Assignment Folder on the home page and the Assignment tool. (Each paper is worth 145)(41.4% of total grade)
Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of the case material, analysis of the case/questions and your personal insights/observations/conclusions as required by the assignment. Your analysis must be in your own words, however, you should back up/support your ideas with information from the text and/or outside source material.

Follow the outline in the Grading Rubric document below. Label the sections of your paper according to what is is the grading rubric.   A. Intro, numbers 1-7, B. Conclusions. (Do not include a category C writing quality/ grammar that is for my grading purposes.)  The Evidence Log must be submitted as well and is a record of your research and will help you formulate your bibliography/works cited.

You should include a very brief (1 paragraph) synopsis of the case, describe what you believe are the major issues to be resolved, state your ideas/solutions, back up those ideas with information you learned from the text and other sources (be sure to site your sources, including the textbook), conclude your analysis. Papers will be graded on the criteria above in addition to grammar, spelling and readability. PAPERS SHOULD NOT BE OVER 7 PAGES IN LENGTH. It is important to practice effective business writing – come to the point, be clear and concise, do not stray from the topic and do not overly repeat yourself.

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