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Reply to dicussion below with one reference within current 5years why you agree



Reply to dicussion below with one reference within current 5years why you agree or disagree.Concept mapping is a teaching tool used in nursing education. Educators use concept mapping to promote critical thinking (Binoy & Raddi, 2022). Concept mapping can be used for different outcomes, such as linking concepts together, learning new information, and building on existing knowledge. A concept map links information with graphics. The graphics are usually shapes that are called nodes (Binoy & Raddi, 2022). The nodes are connected with lines or arrows to map out or connect the concepts. These lines or arrows used are called cross-links (Binoy & Raddi, 2022). The purpose of concept maps is to break down concepts or topics into smaller pieces to aid in understanding. There are four different types of concepts maps. The four types are spider map, flow chart, hierarchy map, and system map (Binoy & Raddi, 2022). Concept mapping can be used in many different areas of study. For example, concept mapping can be used to organize notes, link new information to existing information, and organizing information (Binoy & Raddi, 2022). In nursing education, concept mapping works well for linking classroom education to clinical education. Critical thinking and clinical skills can be enhanced with concept mapping. This can be done in clinical settings or in clinical simulation labs. Students can use a concept map to evaluate symptoms, link symptoms to a diagnosis, and determine appropriate interventions. In the ER, nurses have to evaluate the patient’s symptoms, anticipate the diagnostic tests needed, anticipate possible diagnoses, and formulate treatment plans. A new graduate nurse or a new ER nurse could use concept mapping to learn how to critically think through scenarios. For example, chest pain can be from a couple conditions, such as anxiety, heart issues, or heart burn. Learning the difference in symptoms and labs could be accomplished through concept mapping. This same situation could apply in nursing school. A concept map could be made for each chest pain diagnosis linking the different symptoms and lab results, along with treatments. This will help nursing students understand the differences in diagnosing and treating a patient with chest pain. When I was in nursing school, I often utilized concept mapping. Different colored markers or pens work well to help draw attention to certain aspects of the map or just to help the student visualize the map later.Binoy, S., & Raddi, S. A. (2022). Concept Mapping to Enhance Critical Thinking in Nursing Students. International Journal of Nursing Education, 14(2), 159–164. https://doi-org.aspenuniversity.idm.oclc.org/10.37506/ijone.v14i2.18008

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