Requirements: Write a 6-8 page essay, double spaced, developing an understanding

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Requirements:Write a 6-8 page essay, double spaced, developing an understanding of of some aspect of sociological theory. The essay should not be a summary of course readings. You should draw from a minimum of one course reading in your essay.Writing Style:Use CMS (Chicago Manual Style) citations only. Your response should build from direct quotes taken directly from the reading. You should be working towards connecting each point to create a larger whole, and you should be developing the overall significance/importance of the passages you are integrating into your work. Do not try to show that you understand every aspect of a reading. Do not paraphrase.Questions you can consider in your work include any of the following:What do these quotes mean in terms of defining sociology? Or, understanding society, social change, or social crises?What norms or structures does the theory develop or stress?Does the author strive to find stability or solidity or do they understand the world as fluid or in flux?What is the nature of knowledge?What unique perspective does it develop? How is it connected to historical processes?What place does capitalism, social order, revolutionary change, or the self have in their thought?How does the theory build from any of: positivism, anti-positivism, idealism, materialism?Steps in contextualizing a quote:Introduce the quote using the author’s name and words such as: argues, asserts, concludes, observes, describes.Explain the quote in your own words. You should do this any time you quote a text to show how you understand the passage and to give the reader a chance to understand the content.Optional: connect to the context of the page. How does this quote connect to the discussion on the page?Significance: Explain the overall importance of the quote. Questions to consider in developing significance include any, but not all, of: How does it help to define or expand the definition of a term? What does it do to help us understand an issue, theory, or the world around us? How does the quote connect to and expand upon, or challenge, a previous quote?Rubric:Things to pay attention to in your writing:The introductory paragraph should identify what you will be analysing, why it is important, and must have a clear thesis (what you will argue) rather than just a topic. Include a hook (some interesting point or example) to capture reader interest. Define any terms as you introduce them: be selective in your introduction.Each paragraph should clarify a single idea sufficiently, with evidence drawn from the text to support your claims in the form of direct quotes.The overall structure of your essay should be coherent, with an integrated discussion leading from one paragraph to the next.The overall significance of the works you are examining should be clearly articulated. That is, what is important about the work you are analysing in terms of your chosen field of theoretical study?Your grade will reflect the overall quality of each of the above elements.Formatting Requirements:Use Chicago Manual Style in-text or footnote citations and include a bibliography. Bibliographic information is in the syllabus.Include your name, student #, the date, & course number on a title page (with a title!).Insert a footer or header with your family name and the page number.Use Times New Roman font size 11 or 12 and standard margins.Left align your text—DO NOT CENTRE OR JUSTIFY YOUR TEXT.

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Requirements: Write a 6-8 page essay, double spaced, developing an understanding

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