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research about sexual assault on college campuses


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Sexual assaults on college campuses

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Youth Political Engagement

The goal of this paper is to describe and evaluate a contemporary youth movement. Because these topics are so contemporary, much of the available research will be from research organizations and newspapers, although there is some peer reviewed scholarly work. You should also feel free to contact people involved in the movement and conduct either a telephone or email interview.

The paper should provide a very brief overview of the movement in terms of the goals. What is the organization(s) fighting for? Then you should give the reader a sense of the movement itself. How large is it? Is it concentrated on a single college campus, or is it in high schools all across the country? Or is it not associated with any school and instead focuses on “youth” generally? Does it have backing from larger “outside” groups who provide guidance and funding, or is it a grass roots effort? How did the movement come about? (Did someone start it?) You should provide a review of the strategies and tactics that youth are using to achieve their goals. By the end of this section of the paper, the reader should have a good sense of what this movement is, who is involved, and what exactly they are trying to achieve and how they are working toward this goal.

You should also critically evaluate the movement. Some of this analysis can be your own thoughtful mind at work. Some of it can be based on critiques of others who have written about it. Some can be grounded in what you know about youth political engagement. Give the reader a sense of the sustainability, strategies and possibility for success (for either small goals or the overarching goal) of the movement.

One way to think about this assignment is to imagine that a thoughtful magazine, like my personal favorite, The Atlantic Monthly, has asked you to profile this movement for their upcoming issue. Readers may know little about them – and they will need your help in assessing them. Do so!

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