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The purpose of this research project is to fill out or “flesh” out , the meaning of this word “neoliberalism” as a political , economic , and social agenda at work both in the united states and across the world as well , wherever “global” capitalism is in effect (which is everywhere).Its all right that you dont understand what it means exactly — the point is to find out.

You will be expected to give an account of “neoliberalism” 1)as a set of concepts and principles ( like privatization and deregulation) , 2) as various policies implemented by governments , and 3) in its specific consequences for nations and peoples. “Neoliberalism ” is a phenomenon of international proportions , once again , and this means it touches on places and lives all around the world , not just where we live. For this reason , you will have to focus on a particular area of research. You can choose from : Russia (and Central Asia , like Ukraine) or The Middle East ( for instance Iraq or Afghanistan in its connection with the American occupations of those countries , Israel and its relation to its Arab neighbors , or Syria and other countries undergoing social and political upheavals now)

You should also focus on a particular problem like , for example : mass incarceration, inequality, immigration, education, war, gentrification , climate change, or the financialization of the economy ( Wall Street).

Your essay need to be 10 Pages in length , Not including your bibliography , which should include 10 sources of information you cite using the MLA Works Cited Format.

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