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Behavioral Intervention Report

Design a behavioral assessment plan for a problem behavior of your choice. You can choose any behavior or skill that is professionally or personally relevant to you. This intervention can also be done with an animal or colleague but you have to use the ABC intervention design. Either way, the intervention you choose should be evidence-based and appropriate for the target behavior. Keep in mind that the ABC design has one baseline and two different interventions for the same baseline. You will write a submit a report using the guidelines below:

The following sections should be included as part of your report:

Behavioral Assessment and Methods

a. Abstract giving a brief overview of the report and expectations (minimum of 150 to 250 words).

b. Description of the client and setting (minimum 2 paragraphs)

c. Behavioral objectives including conditions, operational definitions of behavior, and what type of recording of behavior was utilized and why (interval recording or time sampling). (minimum 1 page)

d. Observational procedures including how, when, where, and by whom behavior was measured (minimum 1 page)

e. A description of the treatment procedures in enough detail to allow replication by the reader. Your description and procedures should be very specific and detailed to allow for duplication. (minimum 1 paragraph)

f. Describe the design that was used to implement treatment and test its effectiveness (minimum 2 paragraph(s))

g. Results: Fully describe the results of your intervention (1/2 page)

h. Discussion: Review of reasons why intervention was done, general findings, limitations, things you learned, things you would have done differently (1 page)

i. An appropriately designed blank behavioral observation recording form for monitoring behavior

j. A Single Figure – present your baseline and intervention data in an appropriately designed graph

Your grade will be based on the following: (1) Your rationale for selecting the intervention you chose and the behaviors you target, (2) How clearly you describe the procedures that you use, (3) The appropriateness of your intervention, (4) How well you describe your results, (5) Your understanding of limitations of your study, (6) The quality and clarity of your figure, and (7) The extent to which you adhered to the structure of the assignment.

You will need a minimum of 3 references. Report should adhere to APA style and formatting with title page, abstract, running head and reference page.

NOT including the blank observation recording form and single figure of baseline and intervention, the report should be no more than 7 pages long.

Points will be deducted for going over the required page limit. This assignment is due 12/8/19.

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