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Research Paper (University Level), English homework help


Please read all instructions carefully

The requirements are 800-1200 words, In text citation in MLA. Please DO NOT go over 1200 words. My professor expect quality not quantity. Be concise BUT NOT GENERAL. USE ALL sources I give you . I’ll attach the annotated bib I did before as well. No need for a cited work page. The most important this is to follow the assignment instructions for paragraph structure and thesis statement. Which is the Hamburger style Topic Sentence, Evidence, Interpretation. Read attached instructions please. I expect deep details and a college level essay not general high school essay.


My research topic is why we should and why shouldn’t explore space and find another habitable planet

What I expect and want to see in the paper:

Suggestions for the reasons to exploring space.

For example, the earth would be inhabitable in the future either because of human themselves and what are they doing to the planet like pollution and global warming…etc. Two, because of external reasons like asteroids or the sun death…etc.

***Talk about possible habitable planets like kepler 452b.

Suggestions for the reasons not to explore space.

it is waste of money, energy and life. We should focus on repairing our planet. Three, It is impossible to achieve that.

* You are writing about two arguments but be on the side of the first argument which is we should explore space.


Here is the sources I want to use. It has all evidences you need to make points about suggested reasons above. you can add other sources ONLY If NEEDED but you have to use those as well. Probably you’ll need another source for the second point of view. If you use another source list it in the anno bib and talk about it briefly.









I’ll leave a good tip if the paper turned out creative, interesting and carefully written.

If you need anything tell me. This is an important assignment to me.

Sorry for the long instructions.

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