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Research paper with analyze data via Python & Spss.


IV. Methodology

Explain specifically what you intend to do for the research in this study. (You will not actually be doing the study but proposing what should be done).
3 page maximum.
The methodology should include a step-by-step approach that includes at least the following:
What type of study design will you conduct and why?

a. Descriptive Study Design: Survey Research, Correlational Research, Observational Research
b. Analytic Study Designs: Prospective, Case-Control, Experimental (RCT), Quasi-Experimental, Evaluation Methods, Systematic Review and Meta Analysis.

c. Describe the methods in logical order, and in relation to:
Time—when the study will be conducted and for how long
Place—facilities involved.
Persons—the population under study
The data collection process also is included in this section. It describes:
How the data will be collected (questionnaire, interview, abstracting)
What data will be collected and why
How the data will be categorized and why
Who will collect the data
Training techniques
Where the data will be stored
How patient identifiers will be handled
How the data will be accessed
How confidentiality of the data will be protected
Institutional Review Board Approval or Submission for Approval
V. Budget

The budget normally includes salary and fringe benefits for personnel, equipment, supplies, travel, patient care costs, contractual costs, consulting costs, telephone calls, paper, computer usage, and equipment maintenance. (1 page)
The budget must be realistic in relation to the research plan.
Over- or underestimating the budget may alert the proposal reviewers that the investigator does not truly understand the research project.
Justification for each budget line item is essential.
Such items include the specific functions of the personnel, consultants, statisticians, and collaborators.
Grants that cover multiple years should contain budgets that reflect each year and include changes in costs (such as salaries and fringe benefits) over time.

VI. Literature Cited
Reference all literature cited at the end of the proposal

VII. Appendix
Submit your Appendix and may include the following:
a. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
b. Samples of Data Collection Forms
c. Samples of surveys or questionnaires
d. Samples of maps describing a certain area that you will study, etc.

Notice I need to analyze data and add on the papers

I need to change Hypothesis and Specific Aims to more easier one,

I need to change Hypothesis and Specific Aims to more easier one, can you do that ?

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