Research Proposal Assignment.


Research Proposal Assignment.

Research Proposal Assignment.


1_ Outcomes of a positive activity intervention in addressing depression

2_ Cognitive, behavioral and emotional aspects of depression in young adults

3_ Psychosocial risks factors associated with depression

4_ Internet based depression interventions addressing depression

Hope some of these ideas may help.

With research proposal, survey method may be best. When doing this assignment you are NOT doing the “experiment”, you will solely be guiding and explaining what may happen. If you are up to the task, you may ask more questions. #KimWoods

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Research Proposal Assignment Rubric and Guide(Due 05.13.2021, submit via Blackboard)
Title Page
Title (10 pts)Missing information (e.g. running head page number, institution), poor layout on the page, mistakes in spelling or format, title that doesn’t describeprojectAll the information is present and properly formatted. But the title is not descriptive and the running header is not a good summary.All the information is present and properly formatted. The title is descriptive and the running header is a good summary.
Abstract Page
Abstract (10 pts)Missing or vague statements of purpose of the proposed study and relationships between variables.A specific research question where the cause and effect are clear. But too many objectives.The objective stated is specific, achievable and measurable. You will state the purpose of your study, the population you are studied, the sample you use and your method: qualitative or quantitative, instrument (interview, survey, questionnaire, etc.), and you predicted results.
Main Body
Introduction (15 pts)Vague and/or general introduction that has little connection to the proposed researchProvides a general introduction that has little connection to the proposed research.Provides a thoughtful introduction. Refer to the Proposal Introduction outline.
Literature Review (10 pts)Each paragraph summarizes the results of one study without evaluation, integration or synthesis.Relevant literature that covers the empirical evidence and theory needed to support hypothesis is described.Prior empirical research and theory are integrated, evaluated and synthesized to show a clear path between the thesis statement and the hypotheses.
Research Design (5 pts)Research design is presented without description.Research design is presented but is not appropriate for achieving the objective of the studyResearch design is presented and appropriate for achieving the objective of the study. Is this an experimental, survey, qualitative, etc. study?
Study Population and Sample (5 pts)Too general without describing participant characteristics or incentives.Gives the number of participants.Gives the number and type of participants.
Measures (5 pts)Incomplete or vague descriptions ofinstruments, questionnaires, etc.Describes all the measures and/or apparatus and provides references where appropriate.Describes each instrument or measure used with example items, units of measurement, reliability and validity, citing sources (including full materials in appendix is optional). If an experimental design, method of assignment to treatment condition and the differences between the conditions are clearly described.
Work Schedule (5 pts)Disorganized and incomplete description of what will be done in the experiment or manipulating the dependent variable while measuring the independent variable.Orderly description of what will occur in the experiment, making clear what the different stages of experiment are.Organized presentation of the processes used to design study: IRB submission, collect data, data entry, and data cleaning, and report writing. For data collection, beginning with informed consent through the manipulation check and debriefing, referring to but not repeating the information in the materials and apparatus section.
Facilities (5 pts)Vague, brief or incomplete facilities description.Facility is complete.The facilities clearly support the proposed project.
Personnel (5 pts)Vague, brief or incomplete vita.Vita is complete.The vita shows that the PI is qualified to undertake the project. Responsibilities for all personnel involved in the research (clinician, psychologist, technicians, research assistants, etc) are included.
Budget (5 pts)Vague, brief or incomplete budget.Budge fit the proposalThe budget clearly supports the proposed project.
Data Analysis   
Data Analysis Plan and Expected Results (5 pts) *Incorrect or incomplete predicated results and statistics for the given hypothesis.Predicted results and planned statistics for the major hypothesis.Specific planned descriptive and inferential statistics for each major hypothesis.
Discussions (10 pts)Vague and/or general discussion that has little connection to the proposed researchProvides a general discussionthat has little connection to theproposed researchProvides a thoughtful discussion by focusing on “data”, “big picture”, “limitations”, innovation and future.
References (10 pts)Incomplete list, or the sources don’t match the reference list.All the sources in the paper are in the reference list in the correct order.All the references are cited and in the list correctly and they include the key sources for this proposal.
Formats (5 pts)Font, spacing, and APA format are incorrect.Font and spacing, font and APA, or spacing and APA are correct.Font, spacing, and APA format are correct.
Length (5 pts)Does not meet 7 page (including references and cover page) criteria by more than 2 page.Does not meet 7 page (including references and cover page) criteria by 1 page or lessAdheres to 7 + page (including references and cover page) criteria.
Grammar (5 pts)There are 7 or more grammatical errors.There are 5 grammatical errors.There is 3 or less grammatical error.
Total = 120 pts   

*statistics quick cheat sheet

T-test: statistical analysis method for comparing 2 groups.

ANOVA: statistical analysis method for comparing 3+ groups.

Correlation: statistical analysis method for finding relationship between 2 variables.

Regression: statistical analysis method to find out how multiple independent variables predict a dependent variable.

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