Respond to each post below. Demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stat

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Respond to each post below.Demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stating that “I agree”or “You are wrong.” Guidance is provided for you in each discussionpromptRobin D.I found tessellations very interesting, and fun, it’s hard to believe that math is involved. The patterns I found were intriguing. During my research, I found so many patterns that trick the eye. I don’t have any questions about non rigid or rigid tessellations. My thoughts are on how and why are they important in math? Is it just a coincidence that math is involved in these patterns?“A 20th-century artist with a great appeal–not only to mathematicians and physicists but also to today’s young students-is M.C. Escher. His concepts of time and space involve intricate manipulations of pattern, perspective, and mathematical concepts”(Cassidy, 1998).Non-rigid tessellationRigid tessellationsMicheala C.Tessellations can be very satisfying to look at, but they can also be very chaotic. I didn’t realize just how many shaped could be used to create infinite patterns. One thing that seems like simple knowledge with this concept is that in order for a shape to create a tessellation, where the points meet the angles have to add up to 360 degrees. Now where there are single shapes that cannot be used in tessellation, there seems to be no combination of shapes that cannot create a pattern. So my question would have to be even though it seems like there aren’t any shapes that can’t combine to create a tessellation pattern?This link goes to a website that has examples and explanations of Tessellations!

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Respond to each post below. Demonstrate more depth and thought than simply stat

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