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Response Essay, MLA, 5 Sources (2 from the articles given, 2 from the films, and 1 from JSTOR)


Articles: Buttler (1988) , Williams (2002)
Films: “Ma Vie en Rose” Berliner(1997) , “Bliss” Oguz (2010)

Papers are meant to assess the student’s ability to make connections between the various anthropological concepts and themes discussed in the course and the role of cinema in conveying these ideas. Each paper must be at least three (3) pages in length and include one additional textual source from a peer-reviewed journal (JSTOR is probably your best bet). ONLINE OR PRINT MAGAZINES OR NEWSPAPERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE SOURCES, neither are blogs, dictionary entries, encyclopedias, or Wikipedia.

Read the assigned article(s). Watch the assigned films. Select an additional source from a peer-reviewed journal that expands on the major theme of the week. Write a response analyzing how all of these sources are connected. Each response and analysis paper should address the following and will be graded based on the following major points. You should also structure your paper following these points as well:
• Give a brief summary of the films covered in the topical section of the course being addressed. Note the major plot points. DO NOT copy summaries from websites. By brief, I mean ONE paragraph for BOTH films.
• Give a brief introduction of the major theme(s) covered in the topical section of the course being addressed. Here you will utilize the assigned article(s) as the groundwork for this introduction. Use your additional source to further emphasize how film can be a vehicle for anthropological concepts. If you do not understand how the assigned readings tie into the week’s theme you are missing something and need to review until you comprehend the connections between sources and topics. Basically use this (one to two sentences) as your introduction to the next section. Be clear and specific, for example: “The assigned and selected articles for this week discuss different aspects of how race and ethnicity, and how they are dealt with in different cultural contexts, can affect the quality of life of a person. Furthermore, the films illustrate these points by showing the viewer how various directors have perceived racial and ethnic injustices in their personal experiences.”
• Analyze and discuss how the films illustrate these themes. Note how certain aspects of the films plot, acting, or film techniques were used to emphasize points that relate back to the theme(s) of the week as you learned about them from the articles (including the one you chose). Ask yourself questions like: what specific line, scene, or plot point from the film illustrates or demonstrates a specific quote, concept, or idea from the article(s) or vice versa? Does the film expand upon aspects of the article(s) or vice versa? Does the film contradict something you read? BE SPECIFIC in your examples and analysis. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PORTION OF YOUR PAPER AND IS WHERE MOST OF THE POINTS WILL COME FROM.
• Conclude your discussion with a critique centered around how susccessful the films were in illustrating the section’s themes and concepts. Have a work cited page.
• Proper format, grammar, and spelling. This should be in nine hundred words

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