Response Paper #1


Response Paper #1

Instructions: Your response paper should
have a short introductory paragraph containing your thesis, your main discussion of
the text,
and a concluding paragraph. The paper should be 4 pages in length, 12 point
font Times Roman, double-spaced, and typed. You are used to MLA academic citation style. Please submit your paper
(MS Word only).

1) Compare and contrast the stories “Solidifying the Land” (Izanami & Izanagi
creating the Japanese islands) and “The Birth of the Sun Goddess” (Amaterasu)
from the Kojiki (712) (Supplementary Readings 1 & 2). In your discussion you
might want to consider questions such as “What earliest evidence of socio-
political and socio-cultural structures do we see in these stories? How is gender
portrayed similarly or differently in these two stories?”

Citation Style Examples:

This website also has good tips on grammar, etc.

For your main discussion, cite words, lines, or passages from the text and discuss/analyze
them. This what is meant by working with the text.


Here is the source that might help you:

No other outside sources except the source website and the PDF reading supplements that I gave.

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