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MKTG 3340: Principles of Social Media Marketing

One of the keys to social media analysis is to determine sentiment. Essentially sentiment deals with someone talking good, bad, or neutral about a subject area. One way sentiment analysis is determined is by analyzing reviews about a company, product/brand. The overall sum of the reviews culminates in a rating score usually on a 5 point/star/diamond etc. that determines an overall rating of the subject area based on the sum of the individual ratings. Folks like you and me review and rate products, but more importantly these reviews and others form the basis of an evaluation by another person for a specific purpose. The credibility of the review and the reviewer play an important part in the analysis of the reviews and ratings. These have come under scrutiny at late due to the credibility ethics issue of false reviews and ratings.

Ratings & Reviews Deliverable


_4__Review Sites list

_30_Data table evaluating the 25 + reviews across 5 different sites


    1. What is your overall perception of Vera Wang? Give evidence for your assessment!!!
    1. Who (demographics) is searching the sites your chose for information about Vera Wang, brand/product? How engaged are they with the site?
    2. What is your overall perception of how Vera Wang deals with reviews if applicable – if not say so (do they chime in?)
    3. What is your assessment of the impact of the reviews
    4. Which review is the most impactful/least impactful?
    5. How do you think the popularity of the review site impacts the reviews?
    6. What would you do if you were in charge of monitoring these reviews!?

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