Revise Thesis____ESP Chapter 3


lease read the article carefully. Focus on the Chapter 3. The third chapter must be a mixture of qualitative and quantitative method, because there are three problems. The development of the chapter 3 is based on three issues. It is also the basis of the data that I will collect later. Please revise it carefully and quickly.

First: first of all, please pay attention to the three problems in Chapter 1, which should be connected with methods. Take a careful look at my method and RQ

Second: focuses on the third chapter 3.2 Research Design 3.4 Population 3.5 Sample Size 3.6 Instrumentation 3.7 Data Collection Procedure 3.8 Reliability and Validity 3.9 Data Analysis

Third: the table in Chapter 3.12 chapter summary is not to be placed in this part.

This table expresses the meaning and answers three research questions. This table is not presented in the right way. Please focus on refinement. Please revise it and place it a right part .

Fourth: all questionnaires in the appendix should be connected with the third chapter. IGNORE the Chinese, It is just the translation of the English

Fifth: chapter 1 evises the scope of limitation.

Conclusion: please write professional understanding of my article, to have connectivity, focus on the third chapter, pay attention to my research problems, this is very important, please modify, delete and add according to your professional writer teacher. Make the whole article connected.

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