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I need help with a research paper. The topic of the paper will be about the current housing market. I will be arguing that the housing market will continue to climb and that is a great thing for the economy. I will also be arguing against any future housing bubbles in the United States. I will be arguing that their will not be a housing market crash in the future. Please read the prompt below.

Paper 4 is a research paper, as I’m sure you’ve done before. It will be 8-10 pages, and will require a minimum of 8 sources. You will present an argument, within the context of the current discussion about that topic, and you will defend your argument to the best of your ability. You will be graded on grammatical correctness and persuasive ability.

As toward the topic, choose something that you are personally interested in. Do not choose gay marriage, gun-control, immigration, Trump, marijuana usage, the legal drinking age, the legal driving age, fracking, global warming, or any other hackneyed topic I’ve read a hundred times and you don’t really care about. Choose something that’s personal to you, and I’ll enjoy reading it.

I have also attached the research sources. Feel free to add more but use these at least.

Thank you,

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