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Risk Analysis by applying MS Power BI


Your task is to:

  1. Learn about the Inform Risk Index methodology: https://drmkc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/inform-index/INFORM-Risk/Methodology
  2. Analyse the raw indicator data at the sub-national level (attached, also available for download from https://drmkc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/inform-index/INFORM-Subnational-Risk/Lebanon select a set of indicators that you think might provide insight.
  3. Based on the above information:
  • Generate an interactive dashboard using Microsoft PowerBI (50 Points)
  • Prepare an evidence-based report in Word . The report should describe the indicators that you have selected, results of your analysis and the insight gathered from the Dashboard. (50 Points)


It is recommended that you use Windows OS

Please download Power BI Desktop for free at : https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/?&WT.srch=1&WT.mc_id=AID623317_SEM_dCCq8RzE&gclid=Cj0KCQiA84rQBRDCARIsAPO8RFzgNofKRLpXfQmy9dwwcK91Jz9d61rHR4Mv4lN958MwE-rWo3In2sUaAqeKEALw_wcB

If you have no choice but to use MAC you can use Power BI Online

Data Sources:


  • A one-page data-driven report [required] [Format: Word Document]
  • The Power BI file of the Application/Dashboard. [required] Your Dashboard can be in one-sheet or multiple sheets. [Format: PBIX file or Power BI online]
  • The Application/Dashboard should be print-friendly. A professional looking PDF export of the Dashboard [required]
  • Please save all your files as : Firstname_Lastname.file i.e. John-Smith. pbix [required]

Extra credit:

– Use of Maps: You can use Lebanon administrative boundaries shapefiles from https://data.humdata.org/dataset/lebanon-administrative-boundaries-levels-0-3

– You are more than welcome to include Power BI visualisations from the Power BI store or customise the existing visualisation elements if you decide to do so indicate that you have a customised visualisation. [Optional]

– Creativity: Remember, there is no right or wrong answer! So be creative

For superstar candidates: If you think an additional data source might bring further insight into your analysis, go for it! If you think adding social media analysis is interesting, add an extra sheet run an R script and include a widget to your Dashboard. You are more than welcome to show-off your skills. The sky is your limit!

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