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rogerian argument paper. please follow all instructions.


Essay Two: 10-12 Content Page Extended Rogerian-method Argument


Write a 10 to 12 content page Rogerian-method argument with no more than 7-8 sources that argues a position on a relevant, controversial social, political or economic issue.  The writer will consider rhetorical situations and incorporate into the essay some form of media relevant to the issue. Suggested mediums are: hyperlinks to a web page, images, videos and or placement of image(s), graph(s) etc. into the document. The paper will be formatted according to MLA or APA standards with parenthetical citations and a Works Cited or References page.


The writer will

  • utilize all aspects of the writing process from discovery to editing.
  • submit a fully developed 2-3 page research proposal.
  • submit fully developed an annotated bibliography with at least 10 sources.
  • submit a detailed extended outline using the structure template on D2L.
  • compose the initial draft from the outline.
  • revise the first draft incorporating research and parenthetical citations using either APA or MLA standards for class peer review.
  • continue the drafting process and attend the scheduled conference with the professor.
  • submit sections of the essay to the D2L dropbox and revise based on professor feedback.
  • submit the final essay to the Drop box and to the Discussion Board on or before the due date for viewing by a larger audience beyond they course professor.

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