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RSH481 Library Assignment #2: Annotated Bibliography


– Find 16 resources on your chosen topic and list them using APA citation style. Eight sources should originate from academic journals and pertain to the problem you are trying to solve. The other eight sources should be related prior art from official patents

– list all resources in alphabet and For each resource, include a short explanation of why you think the information is reliable,

– Make sure to include your name and a description of your patent idea at the top of your submission

Resources: https://library.newschoolarch.edu/az.php

chosen topic is attached (umbrella) in this file you’ll find description of my patent idea please paraphrase it to make better

Detailed Description of Assignments is (attached)

Annotated-Bibliography-in-APA-Format-Template1 is (attached) if needed

Example of an Annotated Bibliography (attached)

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